6 Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

6 Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

July 29, 2022

Warm summer temperatures means more time spent outside this season. However, that also means your car is susceptible to the same warm weather. Instead of dreading getting into your hot vehicle, try using these tips for keeping your car cool.

Blast the floor air vents

When you first get into your car, turn your car’s floor vents to the max. Because hot air rises, the floor vents will work to push that air up and out of your car, whereas your dashboards vents will direct the air directly toward you. It’s an effective way of cooling your car faster when it is hot inside.

Use the air circulation button

To better maintain the cool temperature in your car, be sure to turn on the air circulation button. Without the button, your car has to work to cool the hot outside air before it gets to you. With the button, your car is recirculating the already cool air that is inside your car. This helps your vehicle to be more fuel-efficient because your A/C is working less, meaning there’s less fuel being consumed in the process. And with record-high gas prices, any fuel saved is a dollar saved!

Purchase a sunshade

You’ve probably seen the accordion-style silver shades in a car or two, perhaps even laughing at the sight. But those silly gadgets can help keep your car cool in the heat of summer. Simply covering your front windshield with a sunshade helps reduce the amount of sun entering your car, ultimately reducing the temperature inside your vehicle while it’s at rest. Anytime you park your car, pop one into your front windshield and save yourself the pain of entering an extremely hot vehicle later.

Cover your seats and steering wheel

Covering your seats and your steering wheel, especially if your vehicle has a leather interior, is a great way of helping your car stay cool in the summer season. You can drape towels over your seats and steering wheel when you leave your car parked for any extended period. And when you’re ready to drive again, you can easily move the towels to your back floorboard where they’ll be ready for their next use.

Park in the shade

Parking in the shade when you can is a great way of keeping the summer heat out of your car. Find a tree to park under, move to the closest parking garage, and, if you have one with the space, consider parking your car inside your garage.

Invest in a solar-powered car fan

If you’re unable to park in the shade, it’s worth buying a solar-powered car fan. While there are different kinds of fans online, they all use solar power to help cool your car while it’s parked. The fans work to push out the hot air in your car and bring in the often cooler air outside.

With these simple steps, you can actively work to combat the extreme heat of the summer season.

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